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I have been teaching in the School of Computer Science, Technological University Dublin (formally DIT) since 2002. My courses are based around learning, discovery and self expression through creative coding. I won several awards including a national teaching hero award (2014), the best presentation at the International Computer Music Conference (2009) and in 2010 I won the best overall invention in DIT for developing Tunepal, a query-by-playing search engine for traditional melodies that is used by over 30,000 traditional musicians around the world.

I am the developer of Infinite Forms, an creative coding project programmed in Unity that I use to make visuals for music performances, raves and festivals. I am also the AI developer for DEEP, a meditative virtual reality experience designed to relieve anxiety. I am a board member of the International Gamecraft Foundation and regularly host and participate in game jams.

In my spare time, I enjoy yoga, running, electronic music and playing traditional Irish music on the wooden flute. I am an accomplished traditional flute player and have given flute workshops in both Ireland and France (E.g. Rencontre Musicale Irlandaise, Tocane 2012 and the Association Irlandaise de Paris 2013).


  • Keynote presenter at the 2019 workshop on Folk Music Analysis, Birmingham, UK
  • Performed live interactive visuals with my project Infinite Forms for many DJ’s and including DJ Bailey and the Ragga Twins (UK), DJ Aphrodite (UK), Springfield Crew Massive, Petar Dundav (Croatia), Deep House Dublin, Energy Collective, Jacky Boots, Sól Fúd, Ragga Jungle Dublin and Paradiso Club Dublin.
  • Speaker at the Cologne Film Festival, Clash of Realities (Cologne), Re:publica in Dublin and Berlin, Altered Conference in Berlin
  • AI developer for DEEP, a meditative and psychoactive virtual reality experience designed to relieve anxiety through deep yoga breathing.
  • Co-organiser of the 2016 Folk Music Analysis Workshop, DIT, Ireland
  • DIT Teaching Hero 2014, awarded by the National Forum for the Enhancement of Teaching and Learning.
  • Highly commended paper in proceedings of the ACM Conference on Designing Interactive Systems (DIS’14). ACM, Vancouver, BC, Canada.
  • Award for excellence in academic publishing, in the Digital Libraries Perspectives Journal 2012
  • Winner Best Overall Invention in DIT in 2010 sponsored by Hannah Moore Curley Solicitors
  • Awarded the best presentation prize at the International Computer Music Conference 2009
  • Author of Tunepal – the world’s leading search engine app on Android and IOS for traditional Irish music. Tunepal is a query-by-playing search engine that indexes over 23,000 music scores. It has > 30K users in 40 countries and handles around 1,000 music searches per day.
  • Board member of the International GameCraft Foundation (Organiser of games jams)
  • Editorial board of the International Journal of Game Based Learning
  • Co-organizer of the annual DIT/Ernest Adams games design workshops for second level students (2006-2013). Over 3000 students participated.
  • Co-organizer of State of Play (2011-2021) The Irish independent games festival
  • Judge at the worldwide finals of the Microsoft Imagine Cup in New York in 2011
  • Judge at the Appys 2012-2015 (the awards for the Irish app development sector)
  • Judge at the Samsung Digital Media Awards (2011-2017)
  • Competition captain of the games competition of the Irish Imagine Cup finals (2012 and 2013)
  • Mentor of teams on two occasions at the worldwide finals of the Microsoft Imagine Cup competition (Seoul in 2007 and Poland in 2010)
  • Mentor and organiser of DIT teams at Games Fleadh (2005-2021)
  • Invited guest lecturer at the Harbin Institute of Technology, China on 9 occasions (2006-2011)
  • Invited guest lecturer at the Tanzanian Institute of Finance on 3 occasions.
  • Co-Organiser First Tanzanian ICT Summit (2013) organized by DIT and the Irish Embassy to Tanzania, where I presented a one day Android programming workshop
  • Co-organiser International Conference on Computer Games, Animation, AI, Mobile and Serious Games 2006
  • Author of BGE – open source C++ game engine for teaching, supporting Kinect and the Oculus Rift virtual reality head mounted display (http://github.com/skooter500/BGE)

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6 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Franco Pompele - Italy

    Dear Mr. Duggan
    I’am a Tunepal user. I use the app on a Tablet with Android OS.
    In my exeperience this app is very useful. I have a question about the tunes stored in Tunepal MyTunes.
    Are this tunes stored on the Tablet and in what format? Sometimes I need to modify the abc of the tunes (i.e to add chords) and this is difficult on tablet. If possible I prefer to download files on a PC, modify the abc on the PC and then upload the file on Tablet and use it with Tunepal.
    Do you think that this is possible?
    Best regards, Franco Pompele

    1. skooter500 Post author


      From the My Tunes tab, choose the Email All menu option and choose Google Drive as the option. Your My Tunes will be saved as an ABC file on your Google drive


  2. Máire Ní Charra

    Dear Bryan,
    I’ve been using Tunepal for years but when I got a new phone and downloaded it again, it wouldn’t work anymore (closes immediately when I try to open it. It worked on my Huawei p9 lite but not on Huawei p20 lite or now on my next new phone OnePlusNord – all android. I’ve kept the old phone just for that. Did I do sth wrong when transferring? Or is it a bug? Help?
    Máire Ní Charra


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