Tunepal is a popular search engine and music retrieval tool for musicians playing traditional Irish dance music. Tunepal is accessible through the website tunepal.org and through mobile apps available on iOS and Android OS. Tunepal connects musicians to the scores and metadata of 23,000 traditional Irish, Welsh, Scottish, Breton, American marching band and Canadian dance tunes drawn from community sources, such as the website thesession.org and “standard” references including Aird’s Airs, O’Neills Dance Music of Ireland and Breandán Breathnach’s Ceol Rince Na hÉireann series. Tunes can be retrieved by typing in a title or through a unique query-by-playing interface that allows users to find tunes by playing a twelve second extract from the tune on a traditional instrument. Tunepal on mobile devices can be used in sitiu in traditional music sessions, classes and concerts. Tunepal has proven very popular both in Ireland and internationally, with users in 29 countries.

Awards for Tunepal:

  • Listed in the top 500 apps of all time by the Sunday Times (Feb 2012)
  • Top twenty cultural apps for by the Sunday Times (28 March 2010).
  • Best overall invention 2010 in the Dublin Institute of Technology

Screenshots of the Android version of Tunepal:

device-2013-02-11-204954   device-2013-02-11-205116 device-2013-02-11-205133device-2013-02-11-205231 device-2013-02-11-205637   device-2013-02-11-205357 device-2013-02-11-205324

A YouTube video of the iPhone version:

Tunepal has been featured on RTE, the Irish Times, the Irish Daily Mail, Fointe, the Irish News, the Companion to Traditional Irish Music and the Journal of Music in Ireland

Publications about Tunepal

History of Tunepal

Older versions of Tunepal, without the online database of tunes or query-by-playing functionality exist for Windows Mobile Pocket PC and Psion handheld computers. Jerry Everard has written a nice review of Tunepal for Windows Mobile here.

Tunepal on Windows Mobile:

sshot001 sshot002 sshot003 sshot004  sshot005

 abouttunepal tunepalconfig

Some screenshots of Tunepal running on the Psion Series 5:

tunepal2 tunepal1


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