Infinite Forms

Infinite Forms is a colourful, infinite, generative virtual world inspired by visionary, psychedelic journeying. Infinite Forms is inhabited by psychedelic schools of fish, octopi, sea lions, formations of manta ray, elasmosaurus, birds and other beautiful creatures. Many of the creatures can be controlled by the player’s own physical movements in VR or with an XBOX Controller. Infinite Forms will have a generative soundtrack made by Anthony Breslin.


Infinite forms has been seen at:


Infinite Forms is used to create the animations and behaviours for the underwater creatures in DEEP, an award winning virtual reality experience designed to relieve anxiety. Set in a fantasy underwater environment, DEEP uses a custom breathing sensor to encourage players to relax by using their breath no navigate the experience. DEEP has been experienced by thousands of people at international festivals such as Re:publica (Berlin), Cinekid (Amsterdam), DOK (Leipzig), NowPlayThis (London) and it was one of 23 projects featured as part of the Tribeca Film Festival in Manhattan in the summer of 2016.

The world of Infinite Forms, the creatures, their behaviours and animations are all programmed in C# using the Unity game engine. This is a presentation I gave at the Dublin Unity Users Group where I talk about how Infinite Forms works: