Final Year Project Ideas

Generative art using stable-difusion

stable-difusion is amazing! The aim of this project is to make art procedurally using stable-difusion and python. For example, feeding successive paragraphs of text from various books etc into stable-difusion and use out-painting to make a giant art work that tells the story of the book in pictures. Similarly, a movie could be made or an app could be created that takes tweets or whatever as input and generates a giant visualisation.

VR movement music creation

An app for Oculus Quest 2 that creates music and visuals from dance and other movement. This could have theraputic aspects. It could also be a performance art project. Lots of possibilities! Similar to these projects:

More Information about Imaginote

Plant watering smart home robot

A robot on tracks with a robot arm, cameras and sensors that can be controlled from a smart home system. The robot should be capeable of watering houseplants while the owner is away.

An AI that can grade a written exam paper

Trained on scans of exam papers with marks, the AI should learn how to grade exams.

Trout Mask Replica Visualiser

Released in 1969, the album Trout Mask Replica is widely regarded as a masterpiece. Its unconventional musical style, which includes polyrhythm, multi-octave vocals,  polytonality, spoken word, bush recordings  continues to alienate and fascinate. The aim of this project is to create a visualisation of some of the music from the album. The visualisation would serve both as a tool for scholars and fans to understand the music better and also as an art project in it’s own right inspired by the music. The Visualisation could be 2D, 3D or VR. It could incorporate elements such as words, visualisation of the various melodies from MIDI, artistic elements, fades, effects etc etc.

Jungian Psychology in VR

In Jungian psychology, we each have a psyche. The psyche has concious and unconcious elements such as the personal and collective unconcious, architypes, the shadow and self sabotaging behaviours. To move into wholeness (a process Jung calls  individuation) is to integrate the concious and unconcious so that they work in harmony. Ther aim of this project is to create a VR app to inspired by Jungian psychology. This could a visualisation of the psyche, telling a story, playing a game (alagory) or some interactive exercises that the user does to discover aspects of their own psyches.

Philosophical metahuman in VR using pre-trained language model

A virtual reality experience where the user can have a philosophical discussion with a metahuman philosopher. The metahuman could be developed using Unreal Engine  metahumans. Its dialog can be generated using a pretrained language model and TTS, with speach recognition.

Self improvement planner

An app that employs various techniques such as CBT, goal setting, psychology, yoga, wim hoff to help a user live an  optimal life.

Dog analysis

Is my dog happy? The aim of this project is to use cameras and sensors to record my dogs life, and using AI and models of dog psychology, construct a profile of the cognative and emotional state of my dog Lucy.


Bilateral Integration in VR

Bilateral integration is the ability to control each hand independantly. This is a skill that some children with special needs, need extra help to learn. The aim of this app is to create a VR game where these exercises can be practiced and progress can be monitored by the teacher.

VR Trad Session

An app where multiple remote musicians can meet up and play together in virtual reality with avatars

AR Cello tutor

An app that can teach the cello for Hololens or similar AR headset. The app should overlay a real cello with directions for where to place the fingers on the fretboard and how to do bowing.

VR Confession box.

A VR confession box with an AI priest. Should use speech recognition and an embodied  conversational agent

A VR virtual pet that can be interacted with via hand gestures

Use game AI and procedural animation to create a simulation of a virtual pet such as a puppy or maybe a peregrine falcon that can be interacted with via sound and hand gestures.

Simulation of bacteria in the gut microbiome using ECS in Unity

This aim of this project is to develop a realtime simulation of how bacteria in the gut microbiome interact. This project was suggested by Dr Alfonso Rodriguez-Herrera of Kilkenny Hospital, who is one of the world experts in the field.

Medical Training in VR

I recently visited Kilkenny hospital and discovered that there are lots of opportunities to train doctors in various techniques using VR. A lot of training that is currently being done using either videos or physical models can be augmented using VR simulations. A couple of examples include how to insert a feeding tube or how to inset a laryngeal mask. Check out this video:

Also another idea the consultant has to develop a VR game for children to distract them when getting an injection

VR Game AI Editing tools

I have developed lots of behaviours & procedural animations for creatures in C# for Unity. Currently to add or edit behaviours requires either using the Unity editor or Visual Studio. The aim of this project would be make an editor that allows creatures to be edited and created directly in VR using motion controllers. A bit like this dialog tree editor from Westworld:

Buck Rogers & the Planet of Zoom VR

A VR version of this cool game I used to play on the MSX

VR Potters wheel with deformable physics

A simulation of a pottery wheel that uses hand tracking and deformable physics to allow the user to learn how to make pottery

Cross platform Tunepal App using React Native

Tunepal is a popular music retrieval app with native clients for Android, IOS and the web. The aim of this project would be to rebuild and update Tunepal using React Native so that a common source code can be used to build all the client apps.

A framework for procedurally creating and animating walking creatures

The aim of this project would be to create a framework that can make a variety of random walking creatures built from components. Similar to the No Man’s Sky creatures. Check out my swimming creatures from DEEP

Networked Gesture Controlled Robot Arm

The aim of this project would be to use Kinect or Leap Motion to track a persons movements and transmit them remotely to a robot arm, or even a humanoid robot.

Nanobot Chemistry/Biology/Inside a Computer VR game

The aim of this project would be to give the user the experience of being shrunk down to nano size so so they can (for example) manipulate individual atoms and assemble molecules. You could also have the nano player do some gameplay based on biology or looking at modelling a simple computer in VR that the user can observe/manipulate. You could use the Kinect/Rift to allow the player to experience the world. This should be a serious game – in other words a fun game that can also teach the player something useful. Check out this prize winning project from DT228 grad Mark Dunne from some years ago as inspiration:

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