Bryan’s Game Engine (BGE)


My scene graph based, C++ 3D engine that makes use of:

  • OpenGL 3 with shaders
  • GLEW
  • SDL
  • SDL_ttf
  • Bullet Physics
  • GLM
  • The Kinect SDK
  • FMOD
  • The Oculus Rift SDK

The engine supports:

  • A C++ API inspired by XNA
  • A really cool component based scene graph inspired by Unity
  • Load simple 3D models, textures and sounds through a content pipeline
  • An API for drawing lines and text
  • Physically simulated rigid bodies and a factory for making them
  • Kinect Skeletal tracking
  • Output to the Oculus rift

A demo:

And a game myself and Scott Baker made at a GameCraft using BGE:

The source code is available under MIT license at my github. There are also a set of powerpoint slides for a one semester game engines course based on BGE. I will be refactoring BGE this summer!

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