All Pods Collected

This is a playthrough of a game I made at the recent Dublin GameCraft held in Microsoft in December 2014:

I wanted to make Lunar Lander with Perlin noise, so I shoe-horned the theme into the game a bit by saying you are rescuing boxes of kitties. I’ve since removed all references to cats and basically finished and polished the game so thats it’s a complete experience. Its topped off now with an awesome soundtrack by Kevin Doyle that adds tension to the experience. Everything in the game is 100% procedurally drawn. No sprites.

I find the play experience to be surprisingly varied with several different complex scenarios emerging from the simple mechanics:

  • Collect the pods
  • Don’t crash into the ground or the asteroids
  • Collect the green hexagons so you don’t run out of fuel

Play it through yourself and see what I mean. It only takes around 10 minutes to complete, or watch the video and see.

You can play the game with keyboard using the arrow keys, an XBox controller or for an added challenge by holding your hand over a Leap  Motion. Press down to thrust and roll your hand to rotate.

Source code on my git:

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