VR Adventures…

This is a an early prototype VR experiment called forms I am working on with Darren Fitzpatrick. The journey is generated randomly through a procedurally generated 3D landcsape that extends infinitely in all directions. Conways Game of Life plays out on the landscape below you as you experience the thrill of swimming with a school of dolphins! Maybe you are a dolphin? Many of the creatures are procedurally animated. Some are entirely procedurally drawn and animated like the Minnowforms. The colours are glitchy and random, creatures glitch in and out, but it’s a beautiful crazy trip in VR!

Come and observe the procedural minnow forms swimming, dancing and playing! These creatures are procedurally animated drawn and coloured. They are controlled by a set of simple behaviors that when combined together magically causes the Minnowforms to exhibit complex and beautiful flocking behaviours. Maybe they are alive? Also Conway’s Game of Life plays out on the procedurally generated infinite terrain below… Creatures programmed in C# using Unity 3D. All code in my git http://github.com/skooter500/Fish. I don’t own the beautiful music. It’s You Mean So Much To Me by Blonds.

All code on my git as usual! http://github.com/skooter500/Fish

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