Whales, dolphins, ray formations and lots of sardines

Some videos of the creatures I’m making for DEEP:

This video is the improved whale behaviour, now with movable fins:

This video shows all the new creatures in a test environment, with a couple of earlier versions of the whale:

There are 2 whales, one with 6 fins and one with 2 fins. There are the wandering dolphins which also flee from the player.

There are the sardines which I am now very proud of. This demo has 500 in VR at 100 FPS. The exhibit beautiful emergent flocking behaviours both in the open water and while in caves. They also flee from the player and the whales. When they do this, a hole opens in the school and the whale passes through. Finally there is the family of ray fish which fly over the scene maintaining a V formation.

2 thoughts on “Whales, dolphins, ray formations and lots of sardines

  1. Karl

    How do I load Tunepal onto my Android phone if I don’t have email working on the phone. Can I buy it from you online and then upload the app onto my phone using the usb cable?


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