Godot 4. The game engine I have been waiting for

Godot = flow state

Godot 4 has just been released! I I cant believe it even exists its so amazing. The scripting language is similar to python, but totally specialised for making games. Code can be edited LIVE and the running game updates. A beautiful fully featured IDE. The node system is very intuitive. 2D and 3D. A full build of a project and deploy to the Quest takes 20 seconds. I am in love with Godot. ❤❤❤. Its the best thing since MSX Basic. It is the future of game development and will be used not only by indies but also in schools, colleges to teaching coding. It’s 100% free, open source, cross, platform, fully featured, versatile and light-weight game engine.

If you are interested in checking out my Godot experiments this is my repo with lots of examples of Boids, transforms, timers etc etc.


Building it up each week and live streaming my development on YouTube, so subscribe to my channel youtube.com/skooter500

Congratulations to the Godot team on making an amazing game engine that makes game development so pleasurable!

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