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I recently read a fascinating thesis about nematodes. Nematodes are the most abundant multicellular organisms on the planet and there are around 40 quintillion of them. Inspired by the humble nematode, I wrote two programming lab tests.

This one is for fourth year Games Engines students and it uses C# and Unity to create a simulation of a school of nematodes swimming and wriggling and avoiding each other:


This one for second year OOP students and it uses java and the processing libraries to visualise a fictitious dataset of nematodes: 


Here are the solutions:



Yet Another SpaceWars Clone (YASC)

As part of an ongoing drive to make more games as part of the courses I teach, I present YASC. YASC is an  implementation of the classic SpaceWar game first programmed by Steve Russell at MIT in 1961. In my version, there are two player controlled spaceships. The left (red) player uses the WAD keys to maneuver, S to shoot and E to activate the hyperdrive. The right (green) player uses IJL to move, K to shoot and O to hyperdrive. Each player starts with 5 lives and the winner is the player who is still alive at the end of the game. Gravity affects the ships and the lazers. Fun to play and even more fun to make in Processing!



Hey I am hosting all my courses on github this year. Check them out!

  • DT228 Object Oriented Programming – A second year course in OOP using Processing & Java. Youtube videos, code examples, labs & solutions.
  • DT508 Programming – A first year course in programming for game design students using Processing & Java. Code examples, labs & solutions.
  • DT228/DT211 Game Engines – A fourth year course in how to program a game engine using C++, OpenGL and the Bullet Physics Engine. Youtube videos, code examples, labs & solutions.
  • DT228/DT211 Game AI (Game Engines 2) – A fourth year course in how to program Game AI for Unity 3D. This is last years course. I’ll be updating in Semester 2