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I recently read a fascinating thesis about nematodes. Nematodes are the most abundant multicellular organisms on the planet and there are around 40 quintillion of them. Inspired by the humble nematode, I wrote two programming lab tests.

This one is for fourth year Games Engines students and it uses C# and Unity to create a simulation of a school of nematodes swimming and wriggling and avoiding each other:


This one for second year OOP students and it uses java and the processing libraries to visualise a fictitious dataset of nematodes: 


Here are the solutions:




Hey I am hosting all my courses on github this year. Check them out!

  • DT228 Object Oriented Programming – A second year course in OOP using Processing & Java. Youtube videos, code examples, labs & solutions.
  • DT508 Programming – A first year course in programming for game design students using Processing & Java. Code examples, labs & solutions.
  • DT228/DT211 Game Engines – A fourth year course in how to program a game engine using C++, OpenGL and the Bullet Physics Engine. Youtube videos, code examples, labs & solutions.
  • DT228/DT211 Game AI (Game Engines 2) – A fourth year course in how to program Game AI for Unity 3D. This is last years course. I’ll be updating in Semester 2