Flocking in the Rift

I have released a Unity/Oculus tech demo of various Game AI visualisation techniques I implemented in Unity, including a nice cool flocking demo that gives you a boids eye perspective. Its quite trippy and immersive, even though that was not the original intent.

Download it here!

It works best with headphones and an XBox game controller.


A to switch camera modes (there are three)
B toggles cell space partitioning
Y adjusts the speed of the boids
X toggles debug drawing

In free camera mode, left thumbstick will walk/strafe and right thumbstick with look. Left trigger will fast walk

Right shoulder will cycle through the various demos.

The following keys also work:

0: Seek demo
1: Arrive demo
2: Pursuit demo
3: Wander demo
4: Path following
5: Dynamic obstacle avoidance and offset pursuit demo
6: Flocking
7: Finite state machines demo
8: Path finding

F1 Toggles camera modes
F2 Speed
F4 Toggles printing of a load of debugging information
F5 Toggles drawing of the boids vectors
F6 Toggles debug line drawing
F7 Resets the camera up vector
F8 Toggles cell space partitioning
F9 Toggles non-penetration constraint
F10 Toggles Rift mode

Press escape to quit



With thanks to Andy Duplain, Neural Technologies Ltd for the Elite models



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