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Beautiful Pulsing, Singing, Shoals of Fish in Virtual Reality

These are some virtual fish made by myself and Darren Fitzpatrick as part of a game at a recent 12 hour GameCraft.

They were meant to be part of a music game, where you attract certain types of fish by playing appropriate musical notes. We didn’t get the game finished, but we did make these beautiful pulsing, flocking, singing fish, which look amazing in VR. If you have a DK2, you can download the binary and try them out for yourself.

Fish models & sounds by Darren Fitzpatrick
Fish AI & animation by Bryan Duggan

Flocking in the Rift

I have released a Unity/Oculus tech demo of various Game AI visualisation techniques I implemented in Unity, including a nice cool flocking demo that gives you a boids eye perspective. Its quite trippy and immersive, even though that was not the original intent.

Download it here!

It works best with headphones and an XBox game controller.


A to switch camera modes (there are three)
B toggles cell space partitioning
Y adjusts the speed of the boids
X toggles debug drawing

In free camera mode, left thumbstick will walk/strafe and right thumbstick with look. Left trigger will fast walk

Right shoulder will cycle through the various demos.

The following keys also work:

0: Seek demo
1: Arrive demo
2: Pursuit demo
3: Wander demo
4: Path following
5: Dynamic obstacle avoidance and offset pursuit demo
6: Flocking
7: Finite state machines demo
8: Path finding

F1 Toggles camera modes
F2 Speed
F4 Toggles printing of a load of debugging information
F5 Toggles drawing of the boids vectors
F6 Toggles debug line drawing
F7 Resets the camera up vector
F8 Toggles cell space partitioning
F9 Toggles non-penetration constraint
F10 Toggles Rift mode

Press escape to quit



With thanks to Andy Duplain, Neural Technologies Ltd for the Elite models