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1000 Boids in Unity ECS

An implementation of boids using ECS for Unity 2020

1000 boids implementing the following behaviours:

  • Seperation
  • Cohesion
  • Alignment
  • Constrain
  • Wander

With a procedural animation and trails implemented using ECS. There are 28K entities being updated every frame getting ~100 FPS and ~80 FPS in VR. See the steamvr branch for a VR implementation

Try doing that with MonoBehaviours! Source code here:

Realtime Infinite Procedural Terrain Generation in Unity

Some stuff we are working on in my 4th year game engines class. A tile based infinite, procedural terrain generation system for Unity. These are some of the worlds the system generates. There worlds are coloured with shaders where the vertex colour is determined by height and another example where the height maps onto HSV colour. The landscapes are generated by adding Perlin noise functions together at different resolutions. There is also an example of a mountains and valleys world, that is generated by “flattening” the noise in the middle.

Code here: