2 new videos of Infinite Forms

VR and non-VR playthroughs showing some of the new colours, new creatures and performance improvements to Infinite Forms.


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I just published a couple of games I wrote a few years ago in Processing on Itch.

YASC is a fast-paced deathmatch style game for up to 4 players inspired by Spacewar. Each player spawns in a different corner of the screen. Bullets and the players wrap around the screen creating interesting gameplay strategies. Players must acquire ammo, lives and shields to survive. The sun in the center of the screen pulls everything towards it.

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YASC requires XBOX 360 controllers to play.

Download it on Itch

NILL is a procedurally generated game about collecting pods from landing pads inspired by Lunar Lander. Use an XBOX 360 controller or the arrow keys to control your spaceship. Make sure to keep your speed low and your angle straight as you land. Also fuel is limited so make sure and collect the green fuel tanks that fall from the sky, while avoiding the falling asteroids.



Download it from Itch