Whales, dolphins, ray formations and lots of sardines

Some videos of the creatures I’m making for DEEP:

This video is the improved whale behaviour, now with movable fins:

This video shows all the new creatures in a test environment, with a couple of earlier versions of the whale:

There are 2 whales, one with 6 fins and one with 2 fins. There are the wandering dolphins which also flee from the player.

There are the sardines which I am now very proud of. This demo has 500 in VR at 100 FPS. The exhibit beautiful emergent flocking behaviours both in the open water and while in caves. They also flee from the player and the whales. When they do this, a hole opens in the school and the whale passes through. Finally there is the family of ray fish which fly over the scene maintaining a V formation.


Multi-threaded boids

12 Minutes of pure boids. Straight off the laptop. No editing. Enjoy.

The boids in this video and the environment in which they swim are procedurally generated…

My boids are now multi-threaded so there are moe of them. They are limited now only in the poor performance of the pesky Unity trail renderer!

They spontaneously organise themselves into beautiful, emergent patterns that resemble fireworks. Sometimes they seem to form a wall climbing collective, yearning upwards and then emerging over the mountaintop to fly!


Project Janus

I have been working on some robotics projects recently and here is one of them! Project Janus is a gesture tracked robot arm. The arm is assembled from a cheap kit I bought on eBay and it’s connected to an Ardunio micro-controller. The Arduino is running a sketch that allows me to set the angles of each of the servos by sending commands over the USB connection. A sketch written in Processing is running on the connected laptop. The sketch has sliders that allow me to set the the angles on each of the servos. Additionally I use a leap motion to allow me to control the robot arm using intuitive hand gestures. I’m hoping to try out the latest leap motion SDK and also the make the arm controllable over the internet.

KODAK Digital Still Camera

KODAK Digital Still Camera

KODAK Digital Still Camera

KODAK Digital Still Camera

KODAK Digital Still Camera

KODAK Digital Still Camera

KODAK Digital Still Camera

KODAK Digital Still Camera

KODAK Digital Still Camera

KODAK Digital Still Camera

VR Adventures…

This is a an early prototype VR experiment called forms I am working on with Darren Fitzpatrick. The journey is generated randomly through a procedurally generated 3D landcsape that extends infinitely in all directions. Conways Game of Life plays out on the landscape below you as you experience the thrill of swimming with a school of dolphins! Maybe you are a dolphin? Many of the creatures are procedurally animated. Some are entirely procedurally drawn and animated like the Minnowforms. The colours are glitchy and random, creatures glitch in and out, but it’s a beautiful crazy trip in VR!

Come and observe the procedural minnow forms swimming, dancing and playing! These creatures are procedurally animated drawn and coloured. They are controlled by a set of simple behaviors that when combined together magically causes the Minnowforms to exhibit complex and beautiful flocking behaviours. Maybe they are alive? Also Conway’s Game of Life plays out on the procedurally generated infinite terrain below… Creatures programmed in C# using Unity 3D. All code in my git http://github.com/skooter500/Fish. I don’t own the beautiful music. It’s You Mean So Much To Me by Blonds.

All code on my git as usual! http://github.com/skooter500/Fish

The world of Forms

This is a screenshot of my little fishies swimming in their new home. The landscape is generated using Perlin noise and playing out on the landscape is Conway’s Game of Life. Next plan is to a tile based infinite terrain and also to deform the terrain using various mathematical functions to create mountains and caves


Beautiful Pulsing, Singing, Shoals of Fish in Virtual Reality

These are some virtual fish made by myself and Darren Fitzpatrick as part of a game at a recent 12 hour GameCraft.

They were meant to be part of a music game, where you attract certain types of fish by playing appropriate musical notes. We didn’t get the game finished, but we did make these beautiful pulsing, flocking, singing fish, which look amazing in VR. If you have a DK2, you can download the binary and try them out for yourself.

Fish models & sounds by Darren Fitzpatrick
Fish AI & animation by Bryan Duggan